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Mike Vance is a member of the PGA of America and is currently the Head Teaching Professional at the Moorland Road Golf Center in New Berlin (WI), where he has taught thousands of lessons to a loyal clientele base and keeps a full schedule purely by word of mouth.


He has been teaching golf full time for more than 25 years.


Students benefit from Mike’s thorough assessment and deep understanding of all types of golf swings, and he uses his insights to help students meet their goals while retaining what comes naturally—their “natural” golf swing.  Mike takes a four-pronged approach to student success:


  • understanding your individual goals;

  • diagnosing what factors are preventing you from achieving your goals;

  • clearly explaining the steps you need to take to improve;

  • and finally, teaching you how to help yourself become a better, more successful (and happier) golfer





What some happy golfing students say:  

"Mike's golf instruction methods are based on helping the golfer learn why their golf ball is going where it is, and ultimately diagnosing and correcting their own swing.  His approach is aided by the use of state-of-the-art technology such as the V1 Video Coaching System and other swing analysis software.  My technique since working with Mike has improved tremendously.

                     - Gary Monreal 

                              Tactical Instructor

"After the untimely death of my father -- the man who taught me the game -- I gave up golf for more than four years. It was the enthusiasm, energy and dedication of Mike Vance that finally helped bring me back to the links. Not only did his no pressure teaching style make rediscovering golf fun again, his insightful instruction accelerated my game's recovery. He'll do the same for any student of any age. "

                          - John Scott Lewinski

                                  Writer/Travel Journalist

"Mike helped me raise the level of my game and showed me the importance of technique and playing the game fundamentally correct. Soon I was making advancements in my game with a couple of adjustments that Mike had help me with.  My scores plummeted from the mid to high 90s to mid 80s and are getting better and better, under Mike's tutelage.  Mike makes a difficult game much more basic with his principals. I'm looking forward to what happens next with my game."

                  - Chuck Freimund  

                             Sports Director/Anchor

                              Sportsradio 105.7FM

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